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Costner Media Offerings


Costner Media offers many ways to learn how to harness the power of the arts and digital media.  If you don't see what you are looking for, please send us a message on the CONTACT page to let us know.   

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I offer a wide variety workshops aimed at teachers, students, schools and community centers.  All of the workshops are flexible and can be tailored to fit your desired outcomes, time and space constraints.


  • Integrating Media Literacy into the Classroom:  This workshop closely follows the Virginia SOL strands for media literacy and covers unique and fun ways to integrate such media literacy topics as persuasion, fact vs. opinion, public service announcements, net safety, motive, and basic shot composition.


  • Amplifying Student Voices Through New Media Production:  This workshop focus on ways to use the latest free web-based media tools to allow students to share work, demonstrate mastery of the curriculum, and teach others. These tools involve writing, digital images, short videos, and audio.


  • Basics for Beginning TV News Announcements, Projects or Classes: All of the basics of putting together a student-produced newscast will be covered here.  This includes hardware, software, budgeting, audio, video equipment, video compression, hosting, and distribution.


  • Best Practices for using iPads or iPhones to create media

  • 10 Amazing Student Digital Media Projects to Engage Student


  • Stop-Action Animation Basics


  • Beginning Digital Photography


  • Beginning Audio Production/Creating Songs with Garageband





Costner Media can provide consulting or produce standards based curriculum and assessments in the following areas:

  • Media Literacy 

  • Media Literacy integration with English Language Arts

  • Middle School new media/video production curriculum

  • Middle School digital photography


Adaptive Music and Play

Harry has developed a fun and engaging program to bring all the sensory joys of playing and experiencing music to special needs students. His play-based approach uses the arts to improve student engagement, reinforce academic and behavior goals, and facilitate happy communication. Harry also offers the opportunity to explore media in areas such as stop motion animation, photography, and basic photo editing.  Currently he is conducting sessions at Converge Behavioral Services in Falls Church Virginia.  

Lessons, Freelance,and
Individualized Instruction le

I am available to freelance or provide personalized instruction in the following areas:


  • Sound branding, audio for websites, commercials, or films

  • Introduction to digital music production with Garageband

  • Introduction to basics of digital video production

  • Stop-motion animation

  • Introduction to digital photography

  • Beginning guitar

  • Digital Media teacher curriculum basics


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